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Name Given Name Initials Regiment Unit Cemetery Country Locality Date of Death
BOPI STANDE S South African Native Labour Corps 31st Bn. ARQUES-LA-BATAILLE BRITISH CEMETERY France Seine-Maritime 1918-05-15
CASTLE GEORGE DOUGLAS G D South African Horse 4th JOHANNESBURG (BRAAMFONTEIN) CEMETERY South Africa Gauteng 1918-05-15
DORNONVILLE DE LA COUR PAUL VICTOR P V South African Infantry 4th Regt. ARRAS FLYING SERVICES MEMORIAL France Pas de Calais 1918-05-15
LANE AMBROSE GODFREY HORNECK A G H Royal Air Force 218th Sqdn. DUNKIRK TOWN CEMETERY France Nord 1918-05-15
MOOR CHARLES C South African Service Corps M.T. DURBAN (STELLAWOOD) CEMETERY South Africa Kwazulu Natal 1918-05-15
PETERS RUTLAND JOHN R J South African Heavy Artillery 73rd Siege Bty. PERNES BRITISH CEMETERY France Pas de Calais 1918-05-15
RUTHERFORD WALTER KING W K South African Infantry 2nd Regt. ARNEKE BRITISH CEMETERY France Nord 1918-05-15
WIGHTON HORACE H South African Field Artillery "A" Bty. ALEXANDRIA (HADRA) WAR MEMORIAL CEMETERY Egypt 1918-05-15

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