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Service Details
Date of Birth:
Service No:
Group Captain
124 Wing.
Royal Air Force
Date of Death:
Cause of Death:
Killed in action, Hawker Typhoon ZY-G MN928, shot down by flak near Flers
Grave Reference:
IV. C. 14.
Additional Information
C B E, D S O, D F C, Twice Mentioned in Despatches, Czechoslovak Military Cross
CBE LG Sup 2 June 1943 - "On occasion of His Majesty's Birthday"; DSO LG 5 August 1941 pg. 4515 - "This officer has commanded the squadron since February, 1941, and by his sound organisation, drive, energy, and high skill in flying has enabled it to attain a splendid record in night fighting. Whilst under his inspiring leadership, the squadron has destroyed at least 45 enemy aircraft at night and damaged many others. He has personally destroyed two and damaged two enemy aircraft."; DFC LG 9 July 1940 pg. 4177; Czechoslovak Military Cross LG Sup 12 January 1943 pg. 270 - "In recognition of valuables services rendered in connection with the war. For courage and gallantry displayed in carrying out operational lights over Prague in 1940."; MID LG 11 July 1940 pg. 4268; 2nd MID LG Sup 1 January 1943 pg. 35 - "In preparation for the raid on Dieppe on 19th August 1942, the sector under the command of Group Captain Appleton assembled and housed no less than 19 squadrons. The arrangements made for the reception and servicing of this force provided an example of efficient organization. During the prolonged operations, some 80 squadron sorties were successfully completed. The results achieved by these squadrons, and the precision with which they were controlled reflect high credit on the Sector Commander. His untiring efforts, keenness and efficiency were most commendable."
Son of Capt. Henry M. Appleton and Maud Appleton; husband of Yvonne Marjarie Appleton, of Marandellas, Southern Rhodesia. Born at Ballincolig, Ireland. Educated at Bramcote Preparatory School, Scarborough, Malvern, and Marlborough College. Home at Marandellas, Southern Rhodesia. Obtained Short Service Commission as Pilot Officer on Probation, 2 September 1927. To No.41 Squadron, 1 September 1928. Confirmed as Pilot Officer, 2 September 1928. Promoted Flying Officer, 2 March 1929. Promoted Flight Lieutenant, 1 June 1932. Granted Permanent Commission, 22 June 1932. To Armoured Car Section, Aden, 29 December 1933. Upgraded as Instructor from Category A.2 to A.1, August 1936. Promoted Squadron Leader, 1 June 1937. At the outbreak of war he commanded No.77 (Bomber) Squadron. Appointed Acting Wing Commander, 1 June 1940; Appointed Commanding Officer of No.604 Squadron (Beaufighter night fighters), February 1941. On 28/29 May 1941 scored confirmed kill, HE.111 over Flintshire. Promoted Group Captain, 1 September 1942. Given command of No.322 Wing. On Malvern College WW2 Memorial. House and time at Malvern: Sch, 1920 - 1924. Lost a leg while serving in North Africa, as a result of a Ju88 raid on an airfield.