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Name Given Name Initials Regiment Unit Cemetery Country Locality Date of Death
ADAMS DOUGLAS ERNEST HENRY D E H South African Naval Forces S.S. Tunisia PLYMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL United Kingdom Devon 1941-08-04
BAKER HENRY JOHN H J South African Artillery 7 Field Regt. EAST AFRICA MEMORIAL Kenya 1941-08-04
EVANS ALEXANDER A South African Artillery 1 Field Bty. EAST AFRICA MEMORIAL Kenya 1941-08-04
FORD GEORGE WILLIAM G W South African Air Force HARARE (PIONEER) CEMETERY Zimbabwe Harare (Salisbury) 1941-08-04
HORNBY GEOFFREY PHIPPS G P South African Artillery 3 Field Regt. ALAMEIN MEMORIAL Egypt 1941-08-04
LANDSBERG ERNST PHILIP THEODOR E P T South African Medical Corps CAPE TOWN (MAITLAND) CEMETERY South Africa Western Cape 1941-08-04
MAHONEY DANIEL DEREK D D South African Air Force 3 Air School PORT ELIZABETH (SOUTH END) CEMETERY South Africa Eastern Cape 1941-08-04
OTTO NICOLAAS JACOBUS N J Field Force Battalion, S.A. Forces 1st/2nd Bn. EL ALAMEIN WAR CEMETERY Egypt 1941-08-04

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