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Name Given Name Initials Regiment Unit Cemetery Country Locality Date of Death
ABBOTT MAURICE ELDON M E Royal Air Force (RAFO) 148 Sqdn. ALAMEIN MEMORIAL Egypt 1942-01-19
COLEMAN THOMAS ROBERT RICHARD T R R South African Medical Corps CAPE TOWN (MAITLAND) CEMETERY South Africa Western Cape 1942-01-19
FRAY JAMES J Indian and Malay Corps, S.A. Forces PIETERMARITZBURG (MOUNTAIN RISE) CEMETERY South Africa Kwazulu Natal 1942-01-19
MAZAZANA NORMAN N Native Military Corps, S.A. Forces FAYID WAR CEMETERY Egypt 1942-01-19
MULLER JAMES JOHN J J Technical Service Corps, S.A. Forces Railway and Harbour Base Workshops ALEXANDRIA (HADRA) WAR MEMORIAL CEMETERY Egypt 1942-01-19
PIETERSE THOMAS FREDERICK HERMANUS T F H South African Artillery 4 Field Regt. TOBRUK WAR CEMETERY Libya 1942-01-19

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