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Name Given Name Initials Regiment Unit Cemetery Country Locality Date of Death
ADAM GEORGE ALEXANDER HAY G A H Royal Army Medical Corps CASSINO MEMORIAL Italy 1943-09-13
BULAHUTSE PINI P Native Military Corps, S.A. Forces ERMELO (WESSELTON) CEMETERY South Africa Mpumalanga 1943-09-13
DE KOCK HENDRICK H South African Engineer Corps RANDFONTEIN (GREENHILLS) CEMETERY South Africa Gauteng 1943-09-13
IRVINE WILLIAM W Transvaal Scottish, S.A. Forces 1/3rd Bn. STAGLIENO CEMETERY, GENOA Italy 1943-09-13
KOCK L G Indian and Malay Corps, S.A. Forces HELIOPOLIS WAR CEMETERY Egypt 1943-09-13
PETULO SIAINGULA Northern Rhodesia Regiment THIKA WAR CEMETERY Kenya 1943-09-13
TYATYA SAMSON S Native Military Corps, S.A. Forces KIMBERLEY (WEST END) CEMETERY South Africa Northern Cape 1943-09-13
WATSON JOHN WILLIAM J W Rhodesia Permanent Staff Corps Southern Rhodesia Forces. CAPE TOWN (MAITLAND) CEMETERY South Africa Western Cape 1943-09-13
WHITE VICTOR JAMES V J South African Tank Corps 7th Reconnaissance Bn. MILAN WAR CEMETERY Italy 1943-09-13

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