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Name Given Name Initials Regiment Unit Cemetery Country Locality Date of Death
ABEIL South African Native Labour Corps VOI CEMETERY Kenya 1916-05-23
ADONIS JOHN J Military Labour Bureau, S.A. Forces VOI CEMETERY Kenya 1916-04-29
AHRENS JACOBUS PETRUS DANIEL J P D South African Infantry 11th Regt. VOI CEMETERY Kenya 1916-03-24
ANDERSON THOMAS EDWARD T E South African Infantry 8th Regt. VOI CEMETERY Kenya 1916-03-28
ANDERSON WILLIAM J W J East African Medical Service VOI CEMETERY Kenya 1917-08-26
ARNOLDI ANNE FRANS A F Belfields Scouts VOI CEMETERY Kenya 1915-12-08
BALL GILBERT WILLIAM HERBERT G W H South African Infantry 5th Regt. VOI CEMETERY Kenya 1916-04-13
BARNES ROBERT NORMAN R N South African Infantry 7th Regt. VOI CEMETERY Kenya 1916-03-25
BASSON CHRISTIAAN COENRAAD C C South African Horse 4th VOI CEMETERY Kenya 1916-02-23
BAYI JAMES J Military Labour Bureau, S.A. Forces attd. South African Railway Operating Company VOI CEMETERY Kenya 1916-10-20
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