South Africa War Graves Project

Requests for Photos

The goal of the South Africa War Graves Project is to archive photographs of every single South African war grave from the 2nd Anglo-Boer War, WW1, WW2, Korea, Rand Revolt, Freedom Struggle, Angola-Border War to present day. These photos will either be in the format of a picture of a headstone or a name on a memorial. These photos will eventually be made freely to the family, friends of the deceased serviceperson, school groups, veterans groups and MOTH shell-holes through this website.

Most of the families and friends of South Africa's war dead will never get a chance to visit the graves of these fallen service people due to the distances and expenses involved with such a journey. Hopefully by archiving these photos we will be able to close a missing chapter in many people’s lives by supplying them a photo of the last resting place of a loved one. By archiving these photos will have created an online South African national war cemetery. The future generations in turn will hopefully be able to learn from this archive, remember and never forget.

Just email Ralph McLean use the Email Subject Heading - Request - Soldiers Name (the actual name of the soldier)

Be sure to put in all known details of the soldier whose headstone photo you want. We can't guarantee we have it yet, but we do have a lot of them.

We DO NOT charge for photos, but would sure love a donation from our book wish list posted on our home page, if you are so inclined. The ONLY thing we ask is for a thank you note for the volunteer who took the photo. Volunteers have spent countless hours photographing graves. A small thank you note goes a long way with them. This can even be sent via email. Any additional information that you can supply about the casualty is appreciated. i.e. personal details, photos of the casualty, etc.


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