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In the course of our work we have found many interesting facts that you might be interested in

  • There are 79 countries that have war graves or names on memorials of South African & Rhodesian service people.
  • The top ten countries in terms of numbers have 90% of the total we require to complete this project.
  • The country with the most South Africa war graves is South Africa with 6763. This figure does not include British, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand, India, Other Nations and Non-World War graves. Nor does it include the graves from the Boer War, Rand Revolt, Angola-Border War and numerous other conflicts. This figure could only go up. Currently this figure represnts 27.2% of our total requirement for this project.
  • Seven countries have one grave each
  • Nine countries have 2 graves each
  • Six countries have 3 graves each
  • Three countries have no graves but rather names on memorials, Botswana, Congo (Dem. Rep.), and Lesotho.
  • 27 of the countries that require completion are on the African continent.
  • There are at least 1686 cemeteries and 79 memorials to photograph.
  • The top five countries with the most cemeteries and memorials to photograph are: South Africa, France, Egypt, United Kingdom, and Italy.
  • The youngest male casualty from WW1 is:

    ROSS, Private, DAVID S. U., 11322. 2nd Regt. South African Infantry. Died of wounds 25th March 1918. Age 14. Son of Mr. C. G. and Mrs. S. J. Ross, of Room 15, 218, Arcida Mansions, Johannesburg.
    At 14 years and 3 months, Pte. Ross is one of the youngest soldier's killed in the 1914-1918 war

  • The youngest male casualty from WW2 (three way tie) is:

    HARVEY, Private, B P F, 180404. Special Service Battalion, S.A. Forces. 26th August 1940. Age 15. Son of H.H. Harvey and Viola I.A. Harvey, of Bloemfontein Plot P. Grave 652


    BROWN, Private, C, 545230. Physical Training Battalion. 4th May 1943. Age 15. Son of G. W. Brown and Molly Brown, of Pretoria Grave 252

    FOORD, Private, HENRY, 545281. Physical Training Battalion. 6th July 1944. Age 15. Son of James W. Foord and Susanna J. Foord, of Pretoria Grave 295

  • The youngest female casualty from WW2 is:

    VAN DER WESTHUIZEN, Private, STELLA, W/161308. Women's Auxiliary Army Services, S.A. Forces. 29th August 1943. Age 16. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. van der Westhuizen, of Bank

  • The worst day for the South Africans in WW1in terms of casualties was on 21st February 1917 when the H.T. Mendi sank after a collision with the Darro, 616 men drowned.
  • Of the 346 British Commonwealth soldiers executed during WW1, 5 were South African. One was executed for treason, one for desertion and three for the crime of murder.


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